Goodbye, Hello

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It's always sad letting go but sometimes you just have to.
Today, I am moving to a new home, where there is more freedom -- where my thoughts will continue to wander.
When a door closes, a bigger one opens.

Let's start putting tigers in our tanks!



Letty The Lettuce

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I guess it's a disease. Half a year passed and there was not a single word from me. Because this is who I am. I don't let anyone make me do things that I don't want to do. That line must be familiar. For some reason I don't like Letty. She's a lettuce. Not that she literally is. I just made that up. Because it rhymed. It's a nice copy. Letty the lettuce.

Okay the random self that is within me has woke from its deep sleep. I missed talking to myself this way. So much has happened, and I just missed the old times. When this little space was first occupied, the ways have changed. It was like as if many were looking. The feeling was great to my surprise. Being a natural introvert, it was something new to me. But I guess I love myself too much that when everyone has been going with the flow and moving towards the same direction, I just felt like I needed to keep still. It was more me: non-conformist.

I'd rather listen to the songs that I think I'm the only one who knows about and that even if I explain it people would still misunderstand. I'd prefer sitting on the corner while waiting, rather than go out there and fake the laughs. I personally think that travel is more fun with a buddy or alone, than with a bunch of posers who would not dip their selves in the culture and would choose McDonald's (I have refused mentioning other chains since 2011 for a reason you'd only understand after I make you to) over natives. I mean, there are burgers and fries in Manila oh please. I like it more when the pages of the book that I'm reading feels like a different world from where I am than stare at glossy magazines. Please take note of the word "than" in every sentence of this paragraph. I don't dislike the subjects in comparison to my preferences, it's just that, it's easier to prove my point when I use comparatives.

I appreciate the value of my space more when I write like this. It makes me wonder why I never got to show who I really am here, it's crazy and lonely beneath the images that serve no deeper purpose other than to show off. So now I am here, giving you nothing but texts. I must be the most primitive netizen these days.

I feel so sentimental and it's giving me a reason to smile. Maybe because doing this for eight good years, it's like coming home and settling down at where you really belong. It might appear vague to you but if there's something you love, you're passionate about and you felt pressured that your heart and soul has flown away from what it is and you realized you must break free, then maybe we are on the same boat. I just want to say that nothing is more fulfilling than doing things at your own will, not being driven by anything or anyone and for the same reasons that made you start.


But then again in my humble opinion, I think it would have been better if Letty stayed dead and did not come back.

HAHA I am not so sure I just feel that I needed to say that.